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The Cat and the Giant

Smoki Sitting on Tower

A few summers ago a feral cat brought a tiny black kitten into our yard. She didn’t even look old enough to leave the litter so we assumed something happened to the Mom and other kittens. I called her Smoki and I’d sit out each night after feeding both cats and play with Smoki, who loved the red dot of the laser light much to the dismay of the older cat.

After a couple of weeks of this, the older cat would get annoyed at Smoki’s attention to me and leave. Twice two toddler raccoons appeared after dusk. The first time Smoki ran off while we were playing, I spotted the toddlers and raced in the house. The second time it happened, Smoki, who was up on the porch with me and I didn’t see them due to huge new trash cans that had been dropped off. Smoki refused to finish her dinner and kept pacing in and out of my large herb pots garden. Suddenly she started to hiss, that’s when I saw the raccoon’s nose around the trash can. Knowing there were two raccoons, I made a dash for the back door. Once the second raccoon appeared Smoki vanished across the yard while the two toddlers fought for her leftovers. It was after this that I sent time luring the kitten into the house.

So why am I telling you this? This weekend my youngest son and his wife came over to help Hubby set up the garden for planting. Now you have to picture this. My baby is six feet tall and weighs at least 275. I was in the kitchen when he excused himself to use the facilities and disappeared down the hall. Next thing I know he comes back telling me my adorable cat is ferocious.

“What do you mean?” I asked innocently, knowing he much have gone into my bedroom to see Smoki.

“That ferocious cat was on the bed,” he said.

“And you tried to pet her?”

“Heck, no. I just looked in the door and she hissed at me.”

“Well, you invaded her territory. What did you expect?”

“Yeah, but she stood and hissed again, louder.”

“You didn’t go in the room, did you?” I asked.

“No way. She jumped off the bed, came toward me, and snarled even more.”


“What do you mean add? I took off. That is one ferocious cat, you got there, Mom,” he said grinning.

Now, I ask you. Does cute, little Smoki look like a ferocious cat that can stand up to a giant invading her territory? You betcha!

Comments on: "The Cat and the Giant" (5)

  1. Ginger Calem said:

    I love how cats are such Queens! Cracks me up.

  2. This is great! As a cat lover, I could totally relate! I have four “babies” right now who would defend me to the death, and I adore them! Great post!

  3. Carolyn Dekat said:

    Perfect picture for your story, Pat! I can hear her thinking about hissing. 🙂

  4. My cat becomes super ferocious when I take her to have her nails cut. You can hear her snarl a block away! She intimidated one vet who quite after two paws.

    • We had a cat who cried in the car all the way to the vet. These pitiful, long meows. Of the cats we have now I can cut one’s nails. The kitty in the picture won’t even let me hold her.


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